National Child Welfare Association

Help Make a Difference

There are many ways you can help raise both awareness and funds for our work.

To assist you in brainstorming, we have compiled some ideas that will inspire you. Plus, NICWA can further support you by either providing materials or staff. To learn more, contact Brenda at or (503) 222-4044, ext. 117.

Community-Based Ideas

Holiday Bazaar - Plan and host a holiday bazaar in your community by soliciting friends and local business owners for crafts and items to sell, all for a great cause! You can make and sell food too!

House Party - A house party is an event that takes place in your home or community with people you know. The goal of the event is to raise both money and awareness about NICWA - and to have fun!

Raffle - Raffle off a sought after item such as a Pendleton blanket or a homemade quilt at the next Pow Wow or gathering and donate the proceeds to NICWA.

Concert - Do you know a musician? Why not throw a concert in honor of NICWA?

Garage Sale - This is a great way to get rid of clutter and support the work of NICWA.

Car Wash - Here is something that we all need to get done, but never do–wash our cars. Lots of people would love to get this errand done and benefit a great mission at the same time.

Tabling - Table the next event in your community as part of NICWA’s outreach efforts to better inform your community about our mission and include a donation collection jar on your table.

Hold your change - Challenge people to fill a canning jar or bottle with change and donate it to NICWA.

Radio station - Work with a local radio station and have them host an hour or more in which listeners pay for requests. Or you can have them conduct a live auction on the radio for goods and/or services.

Create your own Fundraising Page - Through you can create your own fundraising page for NICWA, set a goal for how much money you would like to raise, and promote it to your friends!

Things you Love to Do

Read-a-thon - Are you part of a book club? This is a great group fundraising project! Together, choose a reading list that speaks to the mission of NICWA and collect pledges from your friends and family.

Bake Sale - Calling all bakers! Do you love to bake, but don't know what to do with all the fantastic food? Why not bake for the sake of NICWA? Sell your goodies to family, friends, and co-workers and donate the proceeds to NICWA.

Barter your Talents - We all have something we are great at. Why not barter your talents in exchange for a donation to NICWA? (yard work, carpentry, dog/house sit, consulting, etc.)


Biking/Walking/Running - Do you already participate in bike-a-thons or marathons? Or have you always wanted to and need a great motivator? You can collect pledges to benefit NICWA for any of these events.

Golfing or Bowling - Find a golf course or a bowling alley that will host your benefit, and invite your friends and family to donate to NICWA in exchange for a game! Including a raffle can help increase donations.

Zumba-thon – Love to work out as a group for a great cause? Host a 2-hour Zumba party where each person donates $5. You may also want to raffle off Zumba gear for added fun.

School Related

Alumni Organizations - Your alumni organization may be willing to place an ad in its member newsletter asking for donations on the behalf of NICWA.

Sororities/Fraternities - Were you in a sorority or a fraternity? National chapters make charitable gifts to organizations connected to its members.

Ideas for the Workplace:

Jeans on Monday - After a long weekend, why not pay to not worry about what you’re going to wear and put on some jeans?

Prime Parking Spot - Auction prime parking spots off to staff. This can be especially effective in the winter months.

Vacation Days - Encourage your co-workers to donate a day to NICWA; a day’s worth of salary would be their donation to a great mission.

Box Seats - Raffle off company box seats to an entertainment or major sporting event.

Silent or Live Auction - Are you already hosting an event? You can easily add a silent or live auction to your party to raise funds for a great cause.

Cupcake Bar - Have a few people in your office bake cupcakes, and have others donate icing, sprinkles, candies, and other toppings. Co-workers create their own cupcakes for $1. Make it presentable, and be sure you have different types of cupcakes (yellow, chocolate, red velvet, etc.). Many people will end up buying 2 cupcakes, because they can't decide which one they want!

Ideas for Businesses

Cover Charge - Do you own an event space where you charge a cover? You can arrange for a portion of those proceeds to be donated for one evening to NICWA.

Percentage of Profits - If you own a business or hold an event, a great way of raising money for NICWA is by donating a percentage of the profits for a particular item or a one-day sale event.

Donation Jar - Place a donation jar and literature about NICWA next to your reception desk or cash register.

Additional ways to give

In Lieu - Are you about to get married? Have a birthday or a holiday soiree? Do you want to throw a party, but you don't want or need presents? A great way to raise money for your favorite cause is to have your guests make a donation in lieu of a present. Check out or for more information. - Earn a penny for NICWA by using a new search engine: All you have to do is go to the website, download a tool bar, and choose NICWA as your charity.

eBay Giving Works - You can sell items on eBay Giving Works and donate 10 % to 100% of the item’s final sale price to NICWA:

Amazon Smile - Amazon will donate .5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to charitable organizations of your choice. NICWA is a current member of this program, just follow the link below and find us by typing out our entire name, National Indian Child Welfare Association:

Match donations - Find out if your company matches gifts to help support NICWA at the following website:

Workplace giving - Make it easy to give by using workplace giving programs. NICWA is a member of the Children’s Charities of America Combined Federal Campaign for fall 2015. Additionally, NICWA is a founding member of the Native Ways Federation.

Leave a Legacy - Often the most significant and important impactful gifts are planned. Planned giving can come in many forms that not only benefit NICWA but also you, such as a stock transfer to lessen capital gains tax. They can be as simple as designating NICWA as your beneficiary on a life insurance plan or remembering us in your bequest. If you would like to explore planned giving options with NICWA or have already included us in your estate planning, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Kim Christensen, development director, at or (503) 222-4044, ext. 123.