National Child Welfare Association

Completed Projects and Initiatives

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Current Projects and Initiatives

Advancing Collaborations in Behavioral Health

The goal of this project is to provide technical assistance (TA) with the design and planning of national policy academies, including the American Indian and Alaska Native Summit on Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Healing. In addition, it provides TA services to the Tribal State Relations Workgroup of the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors and the Puyallup Tribe’s System Infrastructure Grant (SIG) Program.

Partner: Georgetown University’s Technical Assistance Center for Children’s Mental Health

Caring Across the Boundaries Program Evaluation

NICWA is providing evaluation services to help powerfully tell the story of the Caring Across the Boundaries project and facilitate its replication in other communities.

Partner: First Nations Caring Society of Canada

Children Investment Fund Program Evaluation

NICWA is designing a culturally appropriate evaluation to examine and assess child development services, child abuse and neglect prevention services, and a child abuse prevention public awareness campaign.

Partner: Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest, Inc. (NARA)

Customary Adoption

This partnership established a sustainable national clearinghouse and coordination center on American Indian adoption information. The new center will respond to inquiries from tribes wishing to establish adoption programs and provide information and referral services to prospective American Indian parents.

Empowering Native Youth Project

Th is project is designed to enhance the capacity of NICWA and its faith -based and community- based partners to better meet the needs of disadvantaged urban AI/AN youth at risk of maltreatment, violence, or gang involvement in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. NICWA is working with The Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest, Inc., Native American Youth and Family Center, Wisdom of the Elders, Ii’nim miya’c (My Child), and Good Spirit, to measurably enhance the quality of leadership, organizational development, program development, and community engagement.

Partner: Administration for Children and Families

Ensuring a Better Future for Tribal Children in Foster Care

This project raises awareness and support for the Pew Commission on Children in Foster Care recommendations for tribal governments. NICWA is working with the media, policymakers, tribal leaders, and national child advocacy groups in an effort support these recommendations, which include providing tribal governments with direct funding from federal sources and increasing state court collaboration with tribal governments.

Partner: Pew Charitable Trusts

Evaluation of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services For Children and their Families

This research project is designed to examine the service utilization and satisfaction of AI/AN children, youth, and families served through the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Their Families Program.

Partner: Macro International, Inc.

Families and Advocates Partnership for Education

The partnership aims to inform and educate families and advocates about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1997 (IDEA 97).

Partner: The Pacer Center

Leading the Next Generations Project Evaluation

The purpose of this project is to provide consultation on the development of a culturally relevant curriculum evaluation design, engage in data collection efforts with local communities, and support the dissemination of the Leading the Next Generations healthy relationship curriculum.

Partner: Native Wellness Institute

Professional Certification for Tribal Child Welfare Workers

NICWA has been awarded an M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust grant to expand the Indian Child Welfare Certification program into Idaho, Alaska, and Montana. This project supports the Trust's mission to enrich the quality of life in the Pacific Northwest by providing grants to organizations that seek to strengthen the region's educational and cultural base in creative and sustainable ways.

Partner: M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Reclaiming Customary Adoption

The Adoption Opportunity Grant, also known as the Reclaiming Customary Adoption Project, is designed to expand and improve adoption services provided by American Indian tribes.

Partner: Administration for Children and Families

System of Care/Circle of Care Technical Assistance

NICWA is partnering with tribal System of Care and Circle of Care grantees and the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to inform them of opportunities for systems change that have the potential to improve mental health services for American Indian and Alaskan Native children. NICWA monitors p olicy and budgetary opportunities and provides strategies for responding to SAMSHA and tribal grantees.

Partner: SAMHSA Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS)

Systems Improvement for Children’s Mental Health

In this project, NICWA is coordinating technical assistance and improv ing tribal-state collaboration in children’s mental health.

Partner: American Institutes for Research (AIR)