National Child Welfare Association

On-site Training

teen girl and boy at a basketball game - photo by Derrick Pereira

The National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA) provides a wide range of trainings and technical assistance to tribes upon request.

On-site training workshops are conducted by experienced NICWA instructors. All workshop fees are negotiable. Please call NICWA at (503) 222-4044 or email us to discuss trainings and to confirm prices.

NICWA offers the following on-site training workshops:

Adoption and Safe Families Act

This training provides participants with information on how ASFA will impact American Indian children under state or tribal custody.

Child Protection Teams

This workshop provides participants which basic information on how to set up and operate a child protection team (CPT).

Cross-Cultural Skills in Indian Child Welfare

This workshop is designed to give participants an overview of working with American Indian families in child welfare.

Enhancing Cultural Competence in Human Service Settings

This workshop is designed to develop cultural competence through the policies, procedures, practices, and values of an organization and the skills of the individuals who perform the service. It uses worldview differences as a primary focus for understanding the impact of cultural differences.

Grassroots Child Abuse Prevention

This one-day workshop is designed to prepare members of American Indian communities to develop and implement a community-wide public awareness campaign to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Heritage and Helping (5 topics)

This workshop is in five curriculum modules.

Indian Child Welfare Act - Beginning or Advanced

This workshop is designed to give the participant an overview of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 (ICWA) and the practice issues involved in working with American Indian families in child welfare.

Our Children's Future

This concentrated, 10-hour, one-credit workshop is designed for Head Start and preschool programs interested in implementing a child sexual abuse prevention curriculum in their schools.

Positive Indian Parenting

This workshop is designed to prepare American Indian child welfare personnel to train American Indian parents using a culturally specific approach.

Workshop Pricing and Options

Workshop fees follow these general guidelines:

  • Rates include 10 hours travel time.
  • Other workshops are available by arrangement (variable lengths) at $2,000/day.
  • Technical assistance/consulting is billed at $150 per hour.
  • Workshops that require extended travel might cost slightly more.
  • Travel expenses and curriculum materials are extra.
  • Workshop fees are negotiable—please call to discuss alternative ways to pay fees.